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Flight Status Blog

Flight Status Blog

Check Out Flight Status Of Thai Airways Flights To Dubai Before Leaving To The Airport!

Thai Airways is the national carrier of Thailand.  It operates from the Suvarnabhumi Airport and has a fleet size of 95 carriers. It has placed an order for 35 more carriers to manage the extensive demand for flight travel from passengers to this region. Currently, the airline operates to 75 destinations across the globe.  Travelers who have booked flights to Dubai on Thai Airways can check their flight status through the airline’s website.  

One of the most popular events that happen in the United Arab Emirates is the shopping festival. Many people travel to Dubai at this time to attend the festive and Thai airways offers discounts for those who are travelling to attend the festival every year. These flights are held every week through which passengers can reach these destinations for their business or leisure purposes. It offer discounts for flights to Dubai during the shopping festival and also during the vacation period. This information can be obtained from the airline’s website before booking tickets.

The airline’s frequent flyer program is called Royal Orchid Plus through which passengers gain premium benefits during their time in airport lounges, in the flight, at hotels and so on. Travelers who want to enjoy premium comforts while travelling to Dubai should enroll into this program or book tickets on the airline’s first class or business class. The flight status for flights to Dubai can be found by checking the airline’s website.